NaGaDeMon Update

Since we are now at the halfway mark of November, I thought I’d give a quick update on my progress for National Game Design Month (NaGaDeMon).

Of the two games I had considered putting to paper, I decided to go with The Torian War, a simple hex-and-counter wargame intended to help ease RPGers who might not be familiar with such things into the genre. The Torian War is designed for two players; one, the Torians, is trying to fend off an invasion by the other player, the Vostlanders. The Vostlanders begin with an initial superiority in numbers and quality of troops, but the Torians will slowly and steadily increase their forces until they become very hard to beat.

Thusfar, I’ve completed the first draft of the rules (all 4 pages of them– this is for beginners after all– plus 1 page for charts and tables– it wouldn’t be a wargame without charts and tables) and the map. The only thing I need to focus on now are the counters, and then I’ll be ready to playtest. I’ll consider it a success if I’m able to get through one complete game as a playtest before month’s end, and I think that’s an eminently doable goal.

If it works out like I’m hoping, I’ll eventually turn it into a print-and-play game and loose it on the world. How about you? Anyone else taking the plunge for NaGaDeMon?

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  1. I had an idea once to do a Greyhawk version of Tom Wham's "Elefant Hunt" called "Artifact Hunt" but I haven't wrapped my head around that kind of design yet.

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