How Broad is Your Gaming Experience?

I’m curious as to just how many different types of games folks actually play, or have played.

I’m a gamer. I pride myself that I don’t discriminate in the types of games I play. I’ve played just about every type of game I can think of, from board games to hex-and-counter wargames to RPGs to card games to minis. Hell, I’ve even LARPed.

I’m curious, though, as to how many different sorts of games my readers have played, either in their lifetimes or within the last year. Please avail yourself of the poll in the upper-right corner of the blog. It will run through the end of the month, and then I’ll indulge my “I used-to-be-an-election-pollster” mental muscles to try to figure out what it might mean.

Feel free to share reminisces or other salient information in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “How Broad is Your Gaming Experience?

  1. "Wait, you have a reader that has never played an RPG ever?"

    But yet everyone so far (24/24) have played an RPG within the last year.

    How does that work, not having played one ever, but having played one within the past year?

  2. I'm not really familiar with what a "Euro-style board game" might be, but I guess you mean things like Carcasonne or Settlers of Catan?

    Is there such a thing as a non-European style board game? And if so why isn't it also in the poll?

  3. So called American style board games are things like Axis and Allies, and typically involve things avoided by Euro-games. Notably rolling lots of dice and player elimination.

    I'm one of your rare readers who likes LARPs plays regularly. Although my LARP is a social Blood and Tears (Houses of the Blooded) game, not one of those boffer types.

  4. It's odd that blackjack or Munchkin counts in the poll (as cardgames,) but chess or Monopoly doesn't…

    I've played several traditional-style board games — Monopoly, Easy Money, Life, Risk, Payday, Aggravation, Scrabble, Battleship, plus the fantasy-themed Magic Realm and Talisman — and traditional cardgames; I've only played a couple hex-counter wargames (I owned Starforce.) What I discovered was I didn't really like games much, except RPGs. Even there, I didn't like every kind of RPG. So I guess I'm not a gamer, even though I'd say I have a fairly broad exposure to games.

  5. This post led me to think about my gaming experiences. Like Talysman, I guess I'm not much of a "gamer", even regarding RPGs that are not D&D. However, after reading OSR blogs and message boards for a number of months now, I am thinking about investigating a few of the other old school games. Post about that here if anyone has any suggestions, or other systems to suggest.

  6. I've played pretty much everything I can get my hands on, everything from D&D to simple d6 systems. I have played lots of card games, including most of the big ones (mtg, yu-gi-oh etc) I still play a fair few board games, mostly american ones like Axis and allies, Runebound, Zombies. I've never done LARP but I have always been interested in it, something I may still try out.

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