Looking for a Great Deal on LotFP?

James Raggi is selling pdf versions of a bunch of his stuff for just $1.35 until December 10. Looks like a great deal for those who might be on the fence regarding his products, and who want to dip their toe in and see what’s what before committing to the hard copies. That includes the highly acclaimed Vornheim module and the “Grindhouse Edition” of his rules. I’d recommend taking advantage of this while it lasts. Avoid the bundles that are listed at RPGNow.com, though; they haven’t been re-priced for the sale, and you’re much better off getting the individual pieces.

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8 thoughts on “Looking for a Great Deal on LotFP?

  1. while I have mixed and conflicted opinions of Vornheim, it is a steal at $1.35. Every gamer should own it at that price.

    LotFP Weird Fantasy is another ground ball, as is the Grinding Gear.

    Good stuff.

  2. Every gamer should own it at that price.

    I'm guessing that's the idea. ;-P

    Not that I'm complaining. Happy to help spread the word for him, to reach the infinitesimal non-intersection of readers of my blog and his.

  3. Is the Grindhouse Edition actually available on RPGNow for that price? I was going to plug it also in my post on the LotFP sale, but when I checked RPGNow I could not find it.

    It really is one of the products I find most useful.

  4. In order to see LotFP, you need to have an account on RPGNow, and make sure your account will display items that have been marked as 18+ or adults only. I had the same problem until I logged in.

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