Armies of Erseta: Dwarven Axemen

Well, I did say last time I’d have a “little” something different. 😉

5 hours or so elapsed, and I have labored to produce a complete battle group of dwarven axemen. Obviously, since Field of Glory isn’t a fantasy game (yet… they are talking about a fantasy supplement, but nothing has been announced, let alone released), this is a bit of a kluge, but I see these gents as heavy foot, average, drilled, armored, heavy weapon. That puts them at 10 points per base, or 60 for the whole BG (for comparison, I’m shooting for around 600 points for starter armies, and knights clock in at around 23 points per base). Since there’s nothing overtly magical about them, dwarves such as this will fit nicely into the standard FoG system.

In my Erseta campaign, there are no independent demi-human realms. Rather, all are vassals of one of the various human rulers (even though they might style themselves as kings or princes, and have various levels of autonomy), and thus it is possible to find demi-human troops of various types augmenting the armies of the various kingdoms. Some rely more heavily on such troops than others, but they’re relatively common on the battlefields of Dornia (Dornia being one of the several continents on the world of Erseta).

These figures are from Ral Partha, from their Advanced Dungeons and Dragons line (these particular ones are Dwarf Axemen; I’ve got Dwarf Regulars that I’m going to be using as medium foot at some point; I figured it made sense that the heavy troops would be wielding axes).

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