Armies of Erseta: Knights and Halflings

One of the great things about the holidays is, well, that you don’t have to work. And what does one do when one isn’t working? Paint! (Well, that and write and write and write…)

This time I got through two battlegroups for my Field of Glory figures for my Erseta campaign. First up is a BG of halfling slingers (in FoG-speak: Superior, Unprotected, Undrilled, Light foot – Sling), which will be useable as auxiliaries in just about any army that takes the field. For these, I didn’t go with any particular national color scheme, but a mix of earth tones for all of them. These figures come from the Essex 15mm fantasy line, and are a smidgen taller than they should be, but hell… that makes them easier to paint.

Next was another BG of knights, still going through the three that came with the Feudal French Starter Army I got from Old Glory 15s, which is serving as the bulk of my Tamarian army.

Next up I’ve got some dwarven handgunners primed, and am off to prime some crossbowmen and some cannons (yes, mine is a gunpowder campaign). Hopefully this will be a productive week painting-wise!

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