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One of the threads spawned from EnWorld’s coverage of the 5E announcement yesterday was Bet you wish your workplace looked like WotC. Go to the link; there are a bunch of neato-torpedo pictures of the WotC offices, with their props and such scattered throughout the workspace. And they are neat to me, because I don’t work for WotC.

One thing that struck me, though, was that all of the cool stuff was very… self-referential. It’s almost insecure in tone. Like seeing the golden arches on every wall in the McDonald’s corporate HQ.

This is not me hating on WotC (honest; I can state an opinion without being mean). Just an observation that if I was in charge of a multi-million-dollar game company, the walls would be festooned with fantasy and sci-fi movie posters, covers of old 50’s pulp magazines, and old historical or fantasy maps. Stuff to inspire the folks who worked there to look into new avenues, wool-gather a moment or two, maybe get inspiration. I probably wouldn’t have the logo of my flagship product repeated over and over.

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4 thoughts on “Game Company Interior Design

  1. Eclectic would be nice.

    Although, it would be fun to hear:

    We'll need (rolls dice) "3" people to handle this special project

    So, let's get together at (rolls dice) around "9" tomorrow. Okay?

  2. Also, a lot of that stuff are props from cons. I remember that Regdar statue from Gencon, specifically. So while eclectic wouldn't be bad, it's not like they produced the stuff specifically to decorate their offices. All that con booth setup stuff has to go somewhere.

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