“The Wicker Tree” Finally Hits U.S. Theaters Jan. 27

The Wicker Tree“, the not-a-sequel, not-a-remake of 1973’s exquisite “The Wicker Man” is finally beginning its theatrical run in American theaters one week from today, on January 27. For those who haven’t heard, it was directed by the same man who did the original 1973 version, Robin Hardy, and explores many of the same themes, but with a decidedly “black comedy” angle which some fans of the original find off-putting, and others love.

No idea if this is a widespread distribution or something that only folks in Manhattan and Hollywood are going to be able to take advantage of, but I’m glad to see the film finally getting out there. Apparently, commercials have already been spotted on BBC America, which to me indicates a wide distribution is in the offing, but nothing definitive yet. If it’s anywhere near me, I’ll definitely be seeing it.

H/T to Val, one of the players in my campaign.

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  1. I never caught the original until 3-4 ears ago, went in knowing next to nothing of what it was about, and I absolutely loved it. Became one of my all time favorite horror flix. I will definitely be seeking this thing out, thanks much for the heads up. Not too surprised by the dark comedy thing, the first one had some of that going on.

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