Armies of Erseta: The Tamarian Army Takes the Field

Here at long last is the complete Tamarian army for my campaign, built as a starter army using the Field of Glory rules (using “Feudal French” as the basis for the army, and the whole thing can double for that when doing historical minis). It took a lot of work, and I don’t consider myself a particularly good painter, but done is done, and any painted mini on the table is better than an unpainted one, so the saying goes. For all picks, as usual, click to embiggen.

 The whole army is arrayed. Javelins in front, crossbows on either flank (mounted on the left flank, foot on the right), the three commanders in the center, three groups of mounted knights behind them, two groups of spearmen, and a group of light archers behind the mounted crossbowmen.
 Close-up of the right flank…
 …the center, featuring the commanders and standard bearers, all bearing the livery of Tamaria (the number of dots on the banners will allow them to be differentiated in a game, if needed)…
 …and the left flank.

And here’s what they’re stored and can travel in. I bought a 5-drawer rolling cabinet from Staples, put some magnetic tape down in strips (you can see some of it off to the left in the photo above) because my FoG army has steel bases. They don’t shift an iota when the thing moves, and the whole army (plus some of the demi-human auxiliaries I’ve also been painting) fits in a single drawer. I’ll be moving my Ogre miniatures into the thing as well; just need to get the foam inserts put in for them, because they lack the metal bases and thus the magnetic strips won’t work.

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  1. I'm still thinking the eggshell makes for a better base for Ogre stuff. You get less per drawer, which could be an issue in your case, but it moves much less than flat case foam.

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