D&D With Mike Mornard

My own posting is going to be very light for the next week or so, as (real-world) work is severely kicking my keester (yay, SOX audit season!). But I did want to point out this excellent series of posts over at Blog of Holding, asking venerable Lake Geneva alumnus Mike Mornard about his early experiences with the game as Gary and they played it. Well worth reading for students of D&D history. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “D&D With Mike Mornard

  1. I was there for the 2nd night of OD&D, but wound up play testing a different game.

    I had a great time play, but it would have been nice to experience some gaming history 😉

  2. Thanks for the pointer, Joe! Mike's a trove of wonderful context and fun anecdotes from the original campaigns 😀


  3. Great stories there, especially the Kobold one. A lot of old school nuggets in those posts.

    I particularly liked Mike's comments re: random rolls. Funny how a gem roll pushed the PCs to level 2. Imagine leveling a new 3rd edition character after one encounter with a few kobolds. Then again, maybe the little lizards' "sling stone education" justified the gain. A great mini-argument there for "gold as xp."

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