Adventures in Odyssey on RPGs

I collect 80’s “Satanic Panic” pamphlets and books, but I never heard of this gem from 1990 (two parts, and well worth listening through both for the sheer hilarity):

Ohhhhh man. I’ve been playing the wrong game all this time!

Descriptions of both parts can be found on the Adventures in Odyssey wiki here and here. ::rolls eyes::

Hat tip to Pharyngula, with apologies to the other Odyssey

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7 thoughts on “Adventures in Odyssey on RPGs

  1. Now that "Adventures In Odyssey" has shown me the proper way to play a fantasy role-playing game, I'm really anxious to get a group together. I wonder if they have an on-line store where I can get that Ritual Board they were talking about?

    Honestly, that was amazing. I had heard about nut-cases like AiO but that's the first time I've heard an actual broadcast.

    PS – The link for part 2 is wrong. It needs to be "PartIi" not "PartII"

  2. Absolutely priceless… what a highly manipulative attempt to create a moral panic. Roleplaying had its "concerned parents" in the UK, but I have to say it had nothing of that nature that I was aware of. Where the heck did they get the inspiration for this nonsense?? At least I know where my fantasy world begins and ends… it looks like the makers of this work were seriously in danger of capturing people in a fantasy world from which they would really struggle to escape! Oh the irony….

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