Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: The Celestial Sea

As promised, yet another in my series of Darlene-style maps that take things on Oerth beyond the confines of the Flanaess. This time, we see the Celestial Sea, southern Suhfang, the Isle of Dragons, and Erypt. This brings most of the lands of the Celestial Imperium into view, with only a few of the westernmost provinces and border marches left to do. I also touched up the Zindia/Golden Jungle map based on decisions made doing this one. As always, click to embiggen, but even larger versions of the maps are available off to the right in the Free Downloads section. Here are four of the five maps put together to get the whole effect…


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7 thoughts on “Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: The Celestial Sea

  1. Brilliantly done. Man, I wish hexographer had been around 10 years ago. I'm gonna have to invest in this program, which is no small deal since I don't like mapping software normally.

    Is the program easy to use as I'm imagining? How long does one of these maps take you to produce?

  2. Thanks, Mortellan. I can't endorse Hexographer enough; it's incredibly easy to use (and there's a free Java version on their website if you want to take it for a test-spin).

    Getting the Darlene-style maps is a bit more work than a regular hex-based map, as you might expect. The first one took about 8 man-hours, but a lot of that was fiddling with fonts, designing some custom terrain pieces, and just getting the feel for how it's done. Now that I've got the hang of it, it takes about half that time for each map.

  3. You know, I'm beginning to wonder if I could convince the rest of the group to go on an overland expedition to these places.

    These maps are evocative and make me want to explore there.

    And, of course, kill things and take their valuables.

  4. Next one will be slightly delayed, Druvas. I'm awaiting the arrival of some research materials I just bought on eBay, now that I'm moving deep into "Sundered Empire" territory. Don't want to miss anything.

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