New Bonus Goal for Kickstarter!

Wow… Kickstarter trifecta in effect!

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped us surge
past the first bonus goal. Everyone who pledges $10 or more will now
get a copy of the bonus adventure, specifically designed to show off the
new character classes.

But wait! This adventure will also tie in to one of the seminal projects in gaming today, James Maliszewski’s megadungeon Dwimmermount, which just so happens to be in the final days of its own Kickstarter Campaign.
A treasure map found on level 2A of that dungeon can lead to the bonus
adventure we just reached for A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore. If you haven’t already, please take a
few minutes to check it out. It’s well worth doing so!

And that
leads to the next bonus goal. We’ve got a little over 2 days to go. Can
we stretch out and hit $5,500? If we do, everyone who pledged $10 or
more will also get a pdf copy of the map and key for Dwimmermount’s Level
2A, The Laboratory! You can play the bonus adventure as a stand-alone
game, or in conjunction with this masterful megadungeon level. Wow!

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that A Curious Volume of
Forgotten Lore should also work pretty darn well as a supplement for
another game which, you guessed it, is also running a Kickstarter campaign.
Myth & Magic is based on 2nd edition, but with some interesting
tweaks to make it smoother and more accessible to folks who never had
the opportunity to play 2E back in the day. Again, check it out!

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