Mapping Beyond the Flanaess: Ahmut’s Legion and the Blasted Desert

Hot on the heels of my last map comes the next in the series, this time finishing up (completely) the lands of the Celestial Imperium and moving more into the territories of the Sundered Empire. I’ve also redone the last map somewhat, adding a number of petty states west of the mountains to fill in what are collectively known as the Disputed Regions, and the Celestial Sea also got a touch-up in the southwest corner, adding a couple of coastal towns. Here are the four maps that connect to one another; the newest one is in the lower-left.

As always, click to embiggen, and the full-sized version can be downloaded off to the right in the “Free Resources” section.

I anticipate that the new map will get some more touch-ups, especially in the large desert area, once the adjoining map gets done. Some notable features; the Kingdom of Prestoria, which I envision as having been founded by Pholtan zealots, refugees from the Pale, some two and a half centuries ago, and now a model Flannish nation in the midst of the lands of the heathen. The mysterious isolated city of Shemhamforash in the midst of the mountains known as the Spine of the World. The Duchy of Sitang is in a pickle, strategically speaking, because although it remains loyal to the central government of the Celestial Imperium, they were almost completely cut off when Shuyin declared its independence. And of course the motley assortment of petty states betwixt and between the major powers of the Sundered Empire; the maps above cover Ahmet’s Legion (a vast army of undead associated with a cult of Nerull called the Red Scythes) and the demonic gnoll kingdom of Naresh.

Next up, I go west again, covering Ravilla and Mordengard.

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