Worthy Cause: Karen Boomgarden, Former TSR Editor, Needs Our Help

Please read this post over at RetroRoleplaying. I realize that times are tough for everyone, but if you have anything you can spare to help out Ms. Boomgarden, even $5 or $10 could help. Plus you’ll be helping out the RetroRoleplaying cancer fund, which has been one of the Worthy Causes in the upper-left corner of my own blog for some time, now.

UPDATE: The effort has so far raised a total of $1700 or so out of the $2500 that is needed. Thanks to everyone who has donated, and another imprecation to those who might have $10 or $20 that they can lend to the cause. Let’s show what the gaming community can do when it comes together.

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4 thoughts on “Worthy Cause: Karen Boomgarden, Former TSR Editor, Needs Our Help

  1. Sam: Thank you for donating! The drive has been very successful. In 24 hours, we've raised about $475 for Karen ($328 of that has already been passed to her). Combined with the $1200+ raised on a non-gaming message board Karen and I are on (it may be more by now as the person running it isn't around much on weekends), we are putting a good dent in the $2500 she needs.

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