DnD Next Playtest Begins

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7 thoughts on “DnD Next Playtest Begins

  1. Good to hear that there is no non-disclosure agreement! I guess that the playtest materials are not highly confidential, then, and you will be able to excerpt from them in order to discuss them on your blog? No?

    Surely, though, you can create derivative materials from the playtest materials provided to you, so that you can try out different scenarios! No?

  2. I think going back 'old skool' would be a good idea, the last editions have been too prescriptive. Fingers crossed.

  3. Hey, the site is having trouble getting the files distributed. Based on your post, I am to assume to have them. Would you be willing to upload them to something like Filesmelt so we can get it going? Since this is now open to the public, as long as everyone follows the simple rules going with the playtest, I don't see how this could be a problem.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  4. I'm still waiting for the download site to work.

    WOTC does their usual level best to cheese off their customer base by fumbling basic IT infrastructure concerns.

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