Which ‘World Would You Choose?

Westworld, based on Michael Creighton’s novel of the same name, and Futureworld, the not-so-great sequel, were some of my favorite films growing up. An amusement park with various themed sub-parks, populated by robots to make the experience jaw-droppingly realistic. Sort of LARPing before there was such a thing, but without rules, because it was all “really happening”; the ultimate RPGers dream. Between them, the two movies postulated several ‘worlds from which guests could choose:

  • Western World (the west of the 1880’s)
  • Medieval World (13th century Europe)
  • Roman World (1st century Pompeii)
  • Future World (the near future, complete with space stations, asteroid riding, skiing on Mars, etc.)
  • Spa World (recreating one’s own youth)
  • Eastern World (Samurai)

The question for the peanut gallery is… which world would you choose, and why? I can’t help but think that if Creighton was writing it today, there would be a Fantasy World, but he’s not (unless someone clones him with DNA taken from a mosquito that once bit him), so please limit your choices to what they actually had in the films.

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4 thoughts on “Which ‘World Would You Choose?

  1. Superhero World would have been interesting.

    Western World for me. Everything new gets old at some point anyway. Sign me up for the 'Ancient West'!

    Besides, who doesn't want to duel Yul Brynner?

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