Frog God Games Acquires Necromancer Games

Got this announcement in my email today:

Frog God Games announced today that they are acquiring Necromancer Games, the award-winning publishing house known for Necropolis, Rappan Athuk, City of Brass, Tomb of Abysthor, Crucible of Freya, Tome of Horrors, and many other famous titles. The purchase of Necromancer Games considerably increases Frog God Games’ influence in the tabletop gaming industry. 

Frog God Games will re-animate several of Necromancer Games’ products in the future to provide its customers with revised and expanded products for a variety of tabletop editions.

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4 thoughts on “Frog God Games Acquires Necromancer Games

  1. Hum so on the back of releasing Rappan Athuk, will Lost City of Barakus get the same treatment.
    It is a superbly designed area that could do with conversion and a few expansions. I for one would be interested in buying it.

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