5th Edition Traveller Kickstarter Wrapping Up

I confess I hadn’t heard about this until now, but as of this writing you have 37 hours to get in on the kickstarter campaign for Traveller 5th Edition. FTFA:

T5 has technology beyond TL 15, clones, robots, computers, artificial
intelligence, QREBS (!), alien senses, Flux. It has a whole series of
easy-to-use Makers: GunMaker, VehicleMaker, ArmorMaker, RobotMaker,
SophontMaker, ThingMaker. It includes mapping of star systems and
worlds; there’s ever the MOARN caveat: Map Only As Really Necessary, or
referees would spend all their time just making maps of worlds and
systems. There’s a rationalized section on Psionics, and more, much

I’ve gotta say, I was a big Traveller fan back in the day, and this latest edition (a 600 page hardcover book, basically going for $100) seems pretty damn nifty, even if it is a tad pricey. Definitely worth a look, but hurry, man! It’s over in a day and a half.

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