Worthy Cause: Braille Polyhedral Dice Kickstarter

I’ve been deliberately trying to not flood the blog with all of the cool things I see on Kickstarter. But I saw this tonight and decided it was worth letting my readers know about it:


I personally have no use for braille dice. I’m not vision-impaired myself, and don’t know anyone who is.

But DAMN this is a terrific idea that will help hundreds if not thousands of people, and it’s worth a couple of bucks to me to help out vision-impaired gamers. Regular six-sided “tactile dice” exist and are readily available, but no polyhedral dice to my knowledge. I will probably donate the dice to The Seeing Eye (a terrific charity in its own right based in my home town of Morristown, NJ) or at least ask their advice where the dice could be best utilized. Perhaps alongside a copy of an RPG rulebook, if I can find one printed in braille.

Do support this kickstarter, not necessarily for yourself, but as a Worthy Cause. You’ll be helping out gamers you don’t even know exist.

UPDATE: The person behind this Kickstarter campaign, one Dana Jorgensen, said that anyone who backed other high-profile gaming Kickstarters rather than hers was “selfish”, and then reacted extremely defensively and abusively when offered some constructive criticism (by more than one person) should she do a similar campaign in the future. I still think the idea’s a good one, but honestly don’t think she has the emotional stability to actually see the project through. I do hope someone else picks up the idea, though; I’d back that. Not her.

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4 thoughts on “Worthy Cause: Braille Polyhedral Dice Kickstarter

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I know someone that is blind and I have always wanted to get a set but the only full set I found was a 3d printer fella and they would cost some 180 dollars or so ;(

    Hopefully something like this will make them much more affordable for anyone that needs them. I signed up to get a set so I can give them to my buddy.

  2. Wouldn't it make sense to create an electronic device like a braille screen reader that randomly generates and displays numbers? No worries about finding dice after they've been rolled off the table, no issue with accidentally knocking over a die while trying to read it and changing the results. Are braille displays just incredibly expensive?

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