More of Mollie’s Musings from My Campaign

Here are another batch of drawings from one of the players in my Greyhawk campaign, chronicling not only what happens in the game, but also the (sometimes risqué) banter that flies back and forth at the table. This was a special “on the road” game, as many of us schlepped down to the Jersey shore to play at the house of one of our players who switched jobs a while ago and hasn’t really been able to play since (I relaxed my normal limit of 6 players because it was a special event). As usual, I had a great time; the people really make the game.

They keep bitching and moaning about mapping the dungeons of the Castle of the Mad Archmage. I swear, it all fits together perfectly on my copy. Honest. Of course, I only give them actual distances for relatively short spaces; a lot of the time all they get is “the corridor goes on for quite a long ways…” because for some reason they never want to take the time to measure it out precisely. Just because I start rolling dice and all…

This one might actually want a little explanation.

Several months ago, while exploring the paradoxically very deadly first level of the Castle of the Mad Archmage, the party encountered several giant weasels being used as support by the kobolds who infest the level. One of them latched onto one of the party members and was draining blood, when the illusionist hit on the excellent idea of using the sneeze cantrip to get the weasel to release its victim. The stratagem was a resounding success and not only reinforced my opinion that lower level spell-casters can rely on inventive use of cantrips to participate more, but the incident also gave the party its name; the Sneezing Weasels.

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