Phil Reed and Andrew Hackard Talk Ogre and Munchkin

Over at ICV2, Andrew Hackard (head of the Munchkin line for Steve Jackson Games) and Phil Reed (Chief Operating Officer of SJG) were interviewed and gave some tidbits about the upcoming plans for both Ogre and Munchkin. Please do read the whole thing, but here are a few highlights:

We’re trying to make sure we get to [Ogre] Kickstarter backers before Christmas, but it’s really going to depend on how things work out on the manufacturing side because of the complexity of the pieces.  We want to test everything.  We don’t want to ship the game and then have people get it and it be bad.  We’d rather have some delays and get it right. 

…as of the end of July we have sold almost as many copies as we sold all of last year of Munchkin.  The past three or four years particularly have been going up further every year.
We just signed the deal with Paizo; we’re going to be doing Munchkin Pathfinder for release next year. 

And early next year we will release Castellan, the castle building game, which is the two-person strategy game that we’ve been showing off for about a year now.  That’s a lot of fun. It was very close to release and then Ogre happened.

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