46 Years Ago Today

Today marks the forty-sixth anniversary of the debut of the original Star Trek. I’ve written before of how Trek influenced my formative years; it was my gateway into fandom, and thence to gaming. Whether it was television, movies, books, games, conventions, fan clubs, or action figures, Star Trek was an inextricable part of my life and remains so to this day.

So thank you, Great Bird of the Galaxy, for giving me literally countless hours of enjoyment over the years.

And as a special bonus, here is a link to download the Trek fan-film in which I was a guest star (back when I had even some hair); Tales of the Seventh Fleet, “A Touch of Home”. It’s certainly cringe-worthy, but it was a lot of fun to do. Extra special super bonus; Steven Buonocore, president of Stronghold Games plays one of my Orion henchmen!

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