What Has My Familiar Been Up To?

Just a quick preview of something I’m working on for the upcoming Adventures Dark and Deep™ Game Masters Toolkit. A section of random tables. Dozens and dozens of them, each answering a question like “What does it taste like?” or “Why was he exiled?” or “What happened to me in the tavern last night?” or “Why is that mountebank here?” Just stuff to help the ol’ creative juices to flow. This is a section that was not included in the open playtest document, but is planned for the final release. Here’s one I just finished; “What has my familiar been up to?”

01-05 Drinking your blood (just a little each night)
06-10 Engaged in deep philosophical discussions with one other member of the party
11-15 Falling in love with someone else in the party (but still serving you, as it must)
16-20 Fighting off evil spirits bent on destroying you (but keeping it a secret so you don’t worry)
21-25 Fighting other familiars of opposite alignment
26-30 Gambling with one of the other members of the party
31-35 Giggling to itself, then suddenly stopping
36-40 In a revel with other familiars of similar type in the area
41-45 Mocking your actions, movements, gestures, etc. behind your back
46-50 Off on a mission for its superiors while you sleep, but always comes back before you awaken in the morning
51-55 Reading
56-60 Reporting to its superiors about your behavior (particularly your lapses)
61-65 Secretly adding something to everyone’s food when nobody is looking
66-70 Sneaking sips from your wineskin
71-75 Sniffing the ground as if searching for something, when it thinks no one is looking
76-80 Staring at you while you sleep
81-85 Staring intently at one of the other party members
86-90 Stealing milk from a farmer
91-95 Talking to itself
96-00 Watching the birds with great suspicion

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3 thoughts on “What Has My Familiar Been Up To?

  1. There was once a d10,000 table for wild magic results that had as many ridiculous entries in it for strange things going on.

    The one entry that I remember with such clarity read simply "Your spellbook is plotting against you."

    Gonna have to see if I can't dig that chart up again . . .

  2. Since there's 20 entries on that table, each with a 1 in 20 chance of occuring, you could just make it a single roll on a d20.

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