Legendary Realms Terrain

The good folks over at Legendary Realms are doing a Kickstarter (yeah, I know, we’re all feeling KS fatigue, but this one is really cool) for their “themed rooms” line. While they make an excellent assortment of dungeon walls, floors, caves, and accessories, these are specially themed sets designed to evoke a particular locale. There’s a throne room set and a cell block set, and you can get either the full magilla or just the accessories to turn your already-existing dungeon walls and floors into the specified room.

I’ve seen their work first-hand at Dexcon and Dreamation, and if you were at GenCon this year you might have seen their magnificent Labyrinth Lord setup. If you use miniatures, their dungeon walls and such are well worth the investment; they beat the heck out of marking a mat with a grease pencil.

Do consider backing their Kickstarter; they’re a great bunch of guys and their products really are spectacular.

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