Down, But Not Out

Just a quick note– being a New Jerseyian, our town was hit pretty hard by Sandy, so I’m into my second week without electricity, heat, or, naturally, internet access at home. (The “13 Days of Halloween” posts were pre-scheduled prior to my losing power.)

I’ll continue with regular posting once things calm down and I at least can be in my house without seeing my own breath by flashlight. Lots of cool stuff I want to post that I thought of at the Metatopia convention last weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Down, But Not Out

  1. Good luck. I rode out Rita and it was huge and a Cat 3 when it hit us. It took 9 days for electricity and 5 days for water. Our problems were at a MUCH smaller scale and the logistics were no where near the size of you Category 1 storm. It is literally millions of more people affected by the storm. What I am saying is don't be surprised if you don't get any help in a very long time.

  2. Good to hear Joseph. Wife is from NJ and still has a lot of family there. Keep try and I hope you didn't store any gaming stuff in the basement.

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