Three Cool Things About the Adventures Dark and Deep Kickstarter

As of right now, the Kickstarter for the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual Kickstarter is 68% funded. Woot! But we still need to get over the finish line, and I thought I’d share three cool and awesome things about the game to help convince those of you who might be on the fence.

  1. This ain’t vaporware. The book itself is already written, and all three books have had an 18 month long open playtest. Erik Tenkar has had a series of posts about Kickstarter campaigns that, for whatever reason, are way behind schedule or never materialize at all. That won’t happen here; the book is already 100% written, and has gone through a year and a half long open playtest. The rules rock. The Kickstarter is just for art and editing. (Plus, I already got one KS project out on time, so I’ve got a track record of getting things out the door.)
  2. It uses weapon speed in a way that makes sense. You know how in AD&D 1st edition the initiative rules were a mass of confusion, especially when it came to weapon speed? No more. You roll a die, add your weapon speed and dexterity adjustment, and that’s when you go. Simple, effective, and there’s finally an actual difference between a short sword and a fauchard. 
  3. It brings in those cool character classes we read about in Dragon magazine in the mid 1980’s. Remember the mountebank, savant, bard, jester, and the mystic that Gary Gygax talked about in those “Here’s what 2nd edition is going to look like” articles? Yup, they’re in there. Plus tons of spells to go with them. If you grew up playing AD&D in the 80’s, you were probably waiting for this game, just like I was. Well, here it is.
So please, if you haven’t taken the plunge, pledge the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual Kickstarter today. Let’s push it over the finish line, and make a great set of rules beautiful. 

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2 thoughts on “Three Cool Things About the Adventures Dark and Deep Kickstarter

  1. I'm confused as to the difference between this and the other thing you kickstarted earlier in the year. I thought that was Adventures Dark & Deep, too.

  2. The other book, "A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore" was a supplement for use with other games. It had stuff to add into your already-existing AD&D 1E, OSRIC, LL, etc. game.

    This book is the first in a trio of books that will be a stand-alone game. You won't need anything else to play.

    (This is one of the most common questions, btw, and is specifically covered in the FAQ on the Kickstarter page. In fact, it's the only question there!)

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