It’s Teach Your Kids to Game Week!

What with James M. bragging about his daughter wanting a displacer beast t-shirt (I am envious only because my own daughter’s geekdom tends towards Big Bang Theory and Twilight movies; I think she’s a bit embarrassed that her old man might have beaten her to the punch on gaming geekdom and thus avoids it), and DriveThruRPG having a huge sale on kid-friendly RPGs, it must be “Teach Your Kids to Game” week! Yup, must be; even Wired has a story about it.

Some of it’s my own fault, of course. My daughter sees me going off to play D&D every week, and off to conventions a couple of times a year. I did bring her to a mini-con run by a college friend of mine every year on Memorial Day weekend, and she had a blast playing real games like Carcasonne and Ticket to Ride. So I think her aversion to gaming with her parents is the fact that it involves her parents. She being 11 and all.

Still, I’m going to make the effort and see if I can’t coax her and perhaps my wife into a game or two this week. Not necessarily an RPG, although that’d be the pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, but at least some board games more advanced than Gobblet (which is not a slight on Gobblet at all; it’s a terrific take on tic tac toe).

I’m thinking maybe Dungeon!, or Robo Rally, or Red Dragon Inn. Will report on the success or failure of Teach the Grognard’s Kid to Game Day!


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