New York Toy Fair 2013

The first half of this week was spent at the New York Toy Fair, which is pretty much the big toy and game industry expo. I went there as a manufacturer representative (for BRW Games) with three main objectives.

First, to get contacts with the big game distributors to see about getting Adventures Dark and Deep into stores. That went swimmingly. Got great contacts, and my day was made when one of the salesmen from Alliance, having heard my elevator pitch for ADD, said, “That’s a great concept. I can sell that.” Awesome.

The second mission was less of a success. Unfortunately it’s not something I can talk about “in the clear”, but although I didn’t get to meet with the person I wanted to meet, I did get their contact info and will seek them out later. Disappointing, but not a complete wash.

The third was just to have fun, and that I did. I got to see all sorts of new games and toys, met some of the industry folks, and generally had a blast.

Now, onto the pictures!

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