Adventures Dark and Deep Updates

Players Manual

The pdf is currently available for sale at Another set of proofs for the hardcover and softcover versions is currently being printed and should get to me next week sometime. If those pass muster, they should go out to the Kickstarter backers and be available for sale first week in April (or thereabouts).

Game Masters Toolkit

This book will not be Kickstarted; there’s enough money in the kitty to take care of it entirely on my end (what’s publishing without some risk?) Artist’s sketches and final pieces are starting to come in. Edits are about 50% complete. Still shooting for a May release date.


Official final tally of monsters in the Bestiary: 897. Almost everything from the MM, MM2, and FF, plus a ton of new ones (most of which were not included in A Curious Volume). Damn, that’s a lot of monsters.

Since this one is going to need *so much* art, I’m going to have to Kickstart it (the writing is 97% complete and will be 100% done before the KS goes live– I take pride in the fact that I don’t KS anything until it’s ready for art and editing). Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • The basic goal of the Kickstarter will be enough to pay for the cover, editing, layout, etc. If we make the goal, the book will come out with only a relative handful of interior monster illustrations. I’ll be using some stock art for a couple hundred creature illustrations, which is already paid for and won’t need to come out of the KS tally. 
  • Stretch goals will be set up so that each time a stretch goal is hit, another batch of monster illustrations will be paid for. So, for instance (and these are just placeholder numbers; I’m still running the math), for each additional $500 raised beyond the goal, that’ll be 35 additional monster illustrations. So if we go $8,500 beyond the goal, each and every one of those 896 creatures will get its own illustration. 

And wouldn’t that be AWESOME!?

Shooting for a 2013 release date; might be closer to Christmas than not, simply because of the sheer number of illustrations that are needed. I’m still collecting artists for this, by the way, so if you can do nice b&w line drawings of monsters cheaply and quickly (or know someone who can), please email me at

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  1. That sounds like a smart way to set things up makes sure it gets published no matter what and provides for a good set of goals to expand it.

  2. @quantumflux: A handful of critters mostly from the FF; the hook horror didn't make it, nor did the enveloper, the disenchanter, the oriental dragons (which I'm saving for a possible OA-type expansion), the gambado, the gorbel, the imorph, the kamdan, or the needleman. There are probably one or two others I'm forgetting, but that's what I remember off the top of my head.

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