My Kickstarter Record

It seems that doing a retrospective on one’s crowdsourcing history seems to be the meme of the hour, so I thought it might be interesting to go through my own and see how the campaigns I’ve backed have done. It’s not all gaming-related, but most of it is.

So, here’s the breakdown:
Out of a total of 15 projects that funded and should have shipped by now, 47% shipped on time, 20% shipped late, and 33% haven’t shipped. Now that I look at the math, that’s not such an impressive number. One project in three are still in limbo? Yikes. Still, almost half shipped exactly when they said they would, and that does give me some hope.

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  1. I've had similar luck:

    Awesome Powers Power Suites $65.00 Due 5/13

    Centurion: Legionaries of Rome $70.00 Due 9/13

    Torment: Tides of Numenera $28.00 Due 12/14

    Achtung! Cthulhu £146.00 Due 3/14

    Almond+ : WiFi Router $99.00 Due 9/13

    Limit Theory $20.00 Due 1/14

    The Guide to Glorantha $130.00 Due 2/13

    Creature Cards $16.00 Due 3/13

    Shadows of Esteren -Prologue $80.00 Due 3/13

    SHAKER: RPG $15.00 Canceled

    Myth & Magic GM’s Guide $50.00 Due 3/13

    Project Eternity $65.00 Due 4/14

    Cthulhu Playing Cards $18.00 Received

    Numenera: RPG $60.00 Due 7/13

    Reaper Miniatures Bones $225.00 Due 3/13

    Axes and Anvils $80.00 Due 11/12 – Project has gone over budget

    Swords & Wizardry: RPG $110.00 Received

    "King Lee" film $50.00 Received

    Shadows of Esteren: RPG $120.00 Received

    Traveller 5th Edition $100.00 Due 12/12

    Castles & Crusades PHB $40.00 Received

    Appendix N Adventure Toolkits $30.00 Due 7/12

    CHAMPIONS OF ZED $65.00 Due 8/12

    Nystul's Infinite Dungeon $75.00 Due 9/12

    Rappan Athuk $100.00 Received

    Ogre Designer's Edition $150.00 Due 11/12

    Adventures Dark and Deep $30.00 Received

    Shadowrun Returns $60.00 Due 1/13

    Wasteland 2 $15.00 Due 10/13

    Myth & Magic Player's Guide $94.96 Due 8/12

    Dwimmermount $40.00 Due 8/12 – author deserted project

    Player's Companion for the ACKS $35.00 Received

    Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea $50.00 Received

    Castles & Crusades: Classic Monster $25.00 Received

    34 projects total

    1 was cancelled

    13 are overdue

    8 have been received (including yours!)

    12 are in process

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