Backer Rewards On the Way!

Here we are, two months ahead of schedule, and the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Players Manual is being shipped off to the awesome Kickstarter backers who made it possible!

It’ll probably take tonight and tomorrow to get all the orders set up for the backers. Once that’s done, the softcover and hardcover versions of the book will go live on (don’t worry– I’ll make sure that news gets spread far and wide!). Anyone who purchases either the hardcover or softcover versions will also get a pdf copy included at no extra charge.

Anyone who previously purchased a pdf copy of the Players Manual will get an email with a discount code, allowing them to purchase a hard copy of the book at $9.95 off the regular price, so they’re not penalized for being an “early adapter” of the book.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible. Next up: the Game Masters Toolkit!

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6 thoughts on “Backer Rewards On the Way!

  1. Just bought the PDF copy from RPG Now. Great Art btw! Of course I love the rules, but you knew that already 🙂 And I'll be picking up hard copies asap! Keep up the great work Joe!

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