100th Anniversary of HG Wells’ “Little Wars”

The New York Times has a fascinating article on the legacy of what is arguably the first “popular” wargame; HG Wells’ Little Wars. Here are some particularly interesting quotes, but it’s well worth reading the whole article.

While miniature war-gaming has never been able to claim a place in the mainstream, it has influenced almost everything we think of as gaming today.

The game designer Gary Gygax, in a foreword to a 2004 edition of the book, credits “Little Wars” with influencing his own set of rules for medieval-period miniature wars, Chainmail — which in turn became the basis of a slightly less obscure role-­playing game: Dungeons & Dragons.

Video games can provide rich worlds of entertainment, yet there is something just as immersive about pushing miniature soldiers around a lawn, carpet, or 4-by-8-foot plywood battlefield decorated with toothpick fences and cardboard hills. 


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