Forgive my gloating…

I’ve been collecting books and other products relating to the World of Greyhawk pretty much since there was such a thing to collect. So as you might imagine, there are very few lacunae in my collection. Today, I filled one of those lacunae with something rare and wondrous. It’s a graphic novel called Vecna Hand of the Revenant by Iron Hammer Graphics, and tells the story of Vecna’s early days in the ancient past of the Flanaess. It came out in 2002 and is notoriously difficult to find, and when it comes up on eBay usually goes for north of $100 easily. No more were ever produced in the series. It arrived today in the mail.

Just finding one is a coup, but I ended up paying four dollars for the thing. Hence my gloating. 🙂

I’ve only flipped through it, but the artwork is glorious. I’ll do a full review once I’ve had a chance to read through it, as part of my explorations of obscure Greyhawkiana. But man, I am a happy Grognard today.

Also, please don’t forget the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary Kickstarter going on right now! 900 monsters, suitable for most OSR-type games, all under one cover. Can you help get us to having an illustration for each and every one?

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  1. Congratulations! Few things more satisfying than finding a treasure you've been after for a long while and a magnificent price.

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