Bestiary Kickstarter in the home stretch!

As of right now we’re about 60 hours from the end of the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary Kickstarter (it ends Saturday night). About $9,500 has been pledged, which means more than 1/3 of the 900 monsters in the book will be illustrated.

I’ve got to say, that is an enormous accomplishment and I’d like to thank everyone who has backed the project. Kickstarter being Kickstarter, I’m sure we’ll see a bump at the end, and I’d be thrilled if we passed the $10k mark (and ecstatic if 40% of the monsters got illustrations).

The book will have 900 monsters, including nearly all of the creatures from the MM, MM2, and FF (some are being left out on purpose, while some can’t be included for legal reasons, but for the latter there are suitable substitutes that can be used in lieu of the real thing). There are also a passel of new monsters, like undead dragons, faeries and sidhe, new oozes and slimes, and the fearsome giant mantis shrimp. They’re written with the Adventures Dark and Deep™ rules in mind, but things being what they are, that means you’ll be able to use the book with most OSR-type games with little difficulty.

Is there a monster you really, really, want to make sure gets an illustration? You can sponsor a picture and you get to pick the monster you sponsor. Make sure your favorite gets a picture! (The various SPONSOR levels, plus you can add a sponsorship to any reward level.)

Ever wanted to see yourself being eaten by a troll or an anhkheg? Our artists can make that happen. (The YOU HAVE BEEN EATEN BY A GRUE reward level.)

Looking for original art to hang on the wall of your gaming space? We’re giving away a limited number of original pieces as an additional reward. (The ORIGINAL ART SPONSOR reward level.)

So please, if you’ve been on the fence, now’s the time to pledge. Every $25 pledged is another monster illustration for the book. Remember, it’s already written, the Kickstarter is just for art and editing. Let’s make the book beautiful!

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