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Since I’m deeply in the final stages of putting together the Adventures Dark and Deep™ Bestiary, I was wondering if there were any OSR-type monster books that I’m missing from my collection.

I’ve got Malevolent and BenignTeratic Tome, Tome of Horrors CompleteVarlets & Vermin, and Monsters of Myth. I’ve got the C&C books Monsters and Treasures and Classic Monsters. I don’t have Treasures and Monsters of Aihrde or the three M&ToA supplements; can anyone tell me if they’re significantly different than the regular Monsters and Treasures Book?

Please let me know if there’s anything of significance I’ve missed. You can’t have enough monsters!

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  1. Wow, someone needs a nap.* Or at least to realize what the term "Open Game Content" means.

    Anyway, on topic, Joseph, if there's anything from mythical/public domain sources in my monster book here you'd like to use, feel free:

    Use the stuff I lifted from movies and video games at your own risk.

    *I'm the father of a 5-year old and a kindergarten teacher, I'm kind of an expert on that.

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