2014 Super Saver Combo for next year’s Dreamation and Dexcon

Dexposure conventions is offering their usual terrific deal on pre-registration for both their Dreamation (in February) and DexCon (in July) conventions, held in Morristown, NJ. Here’s the announcement:

We have also just posted the 2014 Super Saver Combo offer, your chance to register for both DREAMATION 2014 and DEXCON 17: $85.00 for the basic Combo and $119.00 for the Super Deluxe Combo!

Let’s do the math – For the basic Combo, we’re charging only $85.00 for the cost of registration to DREAMATION 2014 ($50.00) and DEXCON 17 ($60.00); a savings of $25.00! For the Super Deluxe Combo, we’re charging only $119.00 for the cost of registration to both conventions ($110.00), plus the DREAMATION 2014 t-shirt ($15.00), plus the DEXCON 17 t-shirt ($20.00-$22.00), plus the DEXCON 17 Wednesday night Buffet ($25.00); a WHOPPING savings of at least $51.00!!!

EVERYONE who registers for either Combo Package AND puts the word “METATOPIA” into the notes field will ALSO receive a FREE Player Membership for METATOPIA 2013 (A $20.00 Value!!!).

Use this link to go directly to the 2014 SS Combo Page: http://www.dexposure.com/ss2014.html

If you’re anywhere near the New Jersey area, I cannot urge you strongly enough to try out these conventions. I never fail to have a great time, they have a ridiculously wide variety of games (including plenty of interest to OSR fans), and the staff is terrific.

And, as previously mentioned, be sure to check out Metatopia. If you’re a publisher/designer looking for playtesters (as well as a wealth of info on the industry in the panels and seminars), or a player looking to playtest the latest and greatest upcoming games, you’ll want to be there. They’ll also be running their First Exposure event at GenCon again this year, along the same lines.

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