The Wicker Man: The Final Cut


Coming to a theater near you (well, as long as you live in one of a handful of major US cities), the final, definitive cut of the British horror movie masterpiece, The Wicker Man.

This version is similar to the one that restored a lot of the lost footage from the original theatrical release, but with film from a vastly superior print and I believe with a little more extra footage. I’m seriously considering schlepping into New York for this one, and it will definitely be on my Yule list.

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2 thoughts on “The Wicker Man: The Final Cut

  1. We have 3 Landmark Theater's near Detroit and apparently none will be showing it! I'm outraged.

    "In the woods there grew a tree,
    and a fine, fine tree was he…"

  2. If cinemark can have a one night revival of Animal House and a singalong with Grease nation-wide, why isn't this in wider release?

    At least it means I can buy it and stop watching the grainy vhs version I have somewhere.

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