Kickstarter Status – Just the Late Ones

Joe K. over at Modern Appendix N reminds me that it might be time to review my backed Kickstarters that are past their promised dates. I won’t include KS’s that didn’t fund, or those that have delivered. Here we go!

Dwimmermount (estimated Apr 2012, 17 months late). For all that I like James M. personally, this remains one of the great cautionary tales of the OSR gaming community. Tavis is giving us regular updates, but progress seems glacial. Current revised estimate April 2014, an even two years after originally promised. I’m a little worried that it’s also slowing down Tavis’s other KS, Domains at War, which is due next month, was still in layout as of two weeks ago, and for which I don’t think there’s a revised estimate. So let’s hope Tavis’s optimism isn’t misplaced.

Myth & Magic Players Guide (estimated July 2012, 14 months late). We keep hearing excuses, and the occasional “things are being mailed out”, but the only people who ever seem to get the books are folks who know the guy personally. Perhaps he needs to attend Mike Nystul’s RPG Academy? Latest word was that a huge bunch of books went out last week. I remain skeptical but willing to be pleasantly surprised.

Champions of Zed (estimated August 2012, 13 months late). There hasn’t been an update since July, although backers did get a pdf of the manuscript. No current revised estimate, which is not a good sign.

Cityographer – City Generator and Mapping Software (estimated Oct 2012, 11 months late). There have been monthly updates, but I really expected more progress (alas, Joe has multiple projects going on, and it’s obvious that there has been a certain juggling of priorities), and missteps with the art don’t seem to be helping. There is a beta version available for backers, which is a good indicator. Current revised estimate December 2013, but I’m not sanguine about it.

Ogre Designers Edition (estimated Nov 2012, 10 months late). There has been steady progress, I’ve seen the prototype in person, and the shipping containers from China are said to be on our shores as I write this. Current revised estimate November 2013, one year after the original date. They’re saying all the right things about “learning from our mistakes”, so I might still back the Car Wars Kickstarter when it launches.

Axes and Anvils (estimated Nov 2012, 10 months late). If Dwimmermount is a cautionary tale, Axes and Anvils is the equivalent of a snuff film. Latest update says that Mike Nystul is working again, or maybe he’s going to be living out of his car and traveling the country. There’s no way to tell which is the right story, and sure as shootin’ Mike isn’t about to clarify how either scenario affects the project specifically. Current revised estimate when Iran declares Rosh Hashana a national holiday.

Tavern Cards – Playing Cards that Create a Tavern (estimated Apr 2013, 5 months late). Hannah L. has certainly been forthcoming (even to the extent of posting a screencap of her Amazon Payments balance to show that she’s been spending money on the project). No actual current revised estimate, but she did say the art would be ready in mid-September, but there was no announcement to that effect, so I’m guessing it didn’t happen.

Busty Barbarian Bimbos (estimated Jun 2013, 3 months late). What can I say? I really wasn’t expecting a lot out of this one to begin with, so I’m not too broken up by its tardiness. No real current estimate, but the proofs were supposed to be done two weeks ago, and we didn’t hear anything, so I’m guessing once again it didn’t happen.

Red Dragon Inn 4 (estimated Sep 2013, will be late as of tomorrow). It’s at the printer, and expected to ship next month, so that’ll be great if/when it happens.

Edit: How could I forget the Myth & Magic Players Guide? It’s in there now.

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    He didn't send out the download link via a KS update. I received an email with links to the final copy and extras August 15th-ish. There's a link to contact him on the sidebar on KS, I'd give him a try there.

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