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It looks like the long-awaited (by me, anyway) sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger films of the 1980’s is actually getting made. The Legend of Conan has a writer now – Andrea Berloff. Schwarzenegger himself will reprise his role as Conan, this time focused on his time as king of Aquilonia. What really makes me hopeful is the attitude they have towards the character:

He [Producer Chris Morgan of “Fast and Furious” fame] was the one who decided to draw a parallel right back to the original raw, violent Conan films, which ended with the image of the barbarian king sitting atop his throne. The new film is about his efforts to stay there and the final cycle of a life spent obliterating anyone who got in his way. …

Morgan called Berloff “an amazing writer who can juggle masculine grittiness with extreme emotional depth. Her take on Conan is powerful and genuine and would make Robert E. Howard proud.”

Emotional depth from Arnold Schwarzenegger? We’ll see about that, but for some reason this sounds like it might be worthy of the original 1982 film.

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7 thoughts on ““Legend of Conan” movie news

  1. "… but for some reason this sounds like it might be worthy of the original 1982 film."

    I can't see that reason either.

    We have to hope, and work towards the hope, but I'm not sure these people have our interests at the front of the mind. That long, heavy history of adaptations, sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots suggests this is another picture unlikely to satisfy, that we'll end up having to justify the expense and time taken and blame someone other than ourselves again. But as buyers – collectors? – of the tickets, tie-ins and spin-offs, various home editions etc. it's essentially us encouraging them to carry on trampling.

    Maybe if they just put their energies into bold new things, like Robert E. Howard did when he created the original works?

  2. Meh. We've heard, "their take on Conan would make Robert E. Howard proud," before.

    The only thing that would make me as a fan happy is to see them do a faithful adaptation of The Hour of the Dragon, after a pre-credits sequence that consists of a montage of scenes like Conan strangling Numedides and usurping the throne, images from the Phoenix on the Sword, and from the Scarlet Citadel, while a Narrator discusses Conan's time on the throne. The sequence wouldn't have to last more than five minutes before we get to "O Sleeper Awake!" which would form the trail of the pre-credits. From there, straight into the book.

    Now THAT would be a fitting cap on the trilogy.

  3. Interestingly enough I JUST finished Hour of the Dragon yesterday and I was telling my wife that it would be cool to see Arnie in the role.

    I am going with Jason here (who has forgotten more about Robert E. Howard than I'll ever know) that we have heard this before.

  4. I'll be happy if they:
    1) Use practical blood effects instead of CGI.
    2) Use more wide shots.
    3) Use a steady-cam.

    So… I'm probably going to be disappointed.

  5. Yeah, like others I feel like this is a line we've heard before, and we should have learned by now not to get our hopes up.

    That said, I'll watch it.

  6. Note to Hollywood: JUST FILM HOUR OF THE DRAGON!

    Howard already did all the work of creating an exciting story the right length. Just put it in a script and FILM IT.

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