Ogre Designer’s Edition Unboxing

Yesterday I got my copy of Ogre Designers Edition, from the famously successful (and late) Kickstarter campaign. I’ve got to say, it was worth the wait.

I happened to catch the FedEx man as he walked up the driveway. This will give you an idea of just how large the game box is. The thing weighs 28 pounds.

I only went for one piece of swag, a t-shirt.

You open the box and this is what you see. Those aren’t just counter sheets in the lower-right – they’re blocks of counter sheets, shrink-wrapped. The Ogres and many other pieces aren’t just counters – they’re 3-D puzzles that need to be assembled. As the big honkin’ words say, if you just punch them all out, “this way lies madness.”

So, you get all the counter boards out, and you find these nifty places to store the assembled pieces. This is called “the garage,” where your Ogres get parked.

But wait, remove the two parts of the Garage, and there’s a sub-level where you store the map boards. They’re all heavy chipboard, by the way. Really solid. And nice custom dice with the PanEuropean and Combine symbols for the “1”. And they’re big, too.

My first assembled unit, an Ogre MK VI. I’m going to be punching and assembling cardboard for quite a while to get everything ready for play.

Speaking of which, I’ll be running one of several MiB’s running demos at the Ogre East Coast launch party at The Only Game in Town in Bridgewater, NJ, November 16th starting at noon. Pizza and tons of Ogre. What more can you want?

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