Ogre Launch Party East AAR

So I spent the day at The Only Game in Town in Somerville, NJ helping out with the Ogre Designer’s Edition East Coast Launch party. I had a terrific time, and not only got to play Ogre, but got to teach the game to a bunch of folks. We had about 40 people there throughout the day, did some raffles (giving away counter sheets, posters, pocket versions of the original game, and what looked like pre-production trials of the 3D counters), ate pizza, and played lots and lots of Ogre. I think about ten people had their copies of the game with them, and I was gratified to see a bunch of “Ogre Supporter 2012” shirts. The store itself is really nice, with tons of space for play and a staff that knows what the hell they’re talking about when it comes to games.

An Ogre-themed cake, one of the Ogre Macrotures from the game at this year’s Dexcon as a display piece, and the box. The damn thing is bigger than a MK-V:

Overrunning a howitzer is incredibly satisfying:

This was the best game of the day, in my opinion. The Ogre (a MK-III) made it to within on hex of winning. All the big guns and missiles destroyed, only anti-personnel weapons left (which are enough to kill a command post), but the defender managed to take out the last treads in the last minute. I love nail-biters like this:

A MK-IV (which is loaded up with missiles as its primary armament) takes on an enormous force defending a train. Half the train made it off the board:

Several people had the Ogre app and were using it to track damage:

And cake!

All in all, a terrific time. I’m glad I got to be a part of it. There’s talk of doing a monthly Ogre day at the store. I’ll certainly be there for at least some of them.

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