Dexcon / OSWARP registration now live!

Ahoy, east coast gamers! It’s two cons for the price of one (well, one-half, actually – see below).

This July 2-6 will find the Dexcon convention in beautiful Morristown, NJ (an hour from NYC by train, less if you’re driving), as well as the first-ever OSWARP (Old School Wargaming and Role Playing) convention on that Friday and Saturday.

Featured events are the Ogre Macrotures game on Friday afternoon and an all-new OSR Team Dungeon Crawl event on Saturday, with an enormous ballroom-sized dungeon layout and multiple teams playing concurrently, using a simplified version of the Basic D&D rules. Should be a blast.

If OSWARP is successful, it’ll be spun off into its own convention in September 2015. So let’s make it a spectacular success!

Now, here’s a special deal for us old-school gamers:

First, get your hotel room (if you want/need one – it’s a gorgeous hotel and very friendly to the gaming cons, the convention rate is $125 a night).

Second, submit any game master proposals you might have. If you volunteer to run enough games (64 player-hours’ worth if you’re getting the special OSWARP membership), you get comped into the convention altogether. Types of games we’re looking for:

  • Old-school RPGs (Basic, AD&D, White Box, BECMI, Metamorphosis Alpha, Boot Hill, T&T, Runequest, Traveller, C&S, FASA Star Trek, etc. etc. etc.)
  • OSR retro-clones and associated games (OSRIC, Labyrinth Lord, S&W, C&C, DCC, Barbarians of Lemuria, etc. etc. etc.)
  • Wargames (hex and counter types and others, like Afrika Korps, Third Reich, War in Europe, Campaign for North Africa, Kingmaker, Starfleet Battles, other AH/SPI/Victory Games/etc. – doesn’t have to be from the 80’s)
  • Miniatures (historical miniatures from any era, Chainmail (with or without the fantasy supplement), Battlesystem, etc.)
  • Anything else you think would be appropriate for an “old school” convention
Make sure you select OSWARP in the “type of game” section in the form. And when you do send in a game proposal, let me know either in the comments here or by email, so I have some idea of what’s coming. I’ll be doing regular updates as games come in, so as to drum up interest, and have some ideas for stuff at the con that requires I know what’s on the horizon.
Third, when you register for the convention, use the code OSRDX17PX30, and you’ll get a $30 discount off a complete membership. To take advantage of this deal, you must sign up for 4 Oswarp-labeled events once the schedule is posted, or two OSWARP events and the OSR Team Dungeon Crawl. (Which, if you’re reading this blog, you were probably going to be doing anyway, but just in case…)
That means you get into Dexcon, and can play as many RPGs, board games, video games, LARPs, miniatures games, and wargames as you can put into your schedule over 96 hours for just $40, including all the OSWARP games you can handle. That’s pretty damn good. (If you’re just planning on coming for the Friday/Saturday OSWARP programming, that’s still the best option to choose, in terms of price.)
Please feel free to spread this news far and wide, so we get as many old school gamers in for OSWARP as we can. The east coast is going to have its OSR con, now let’s make it fantastic!

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