The most useless miniature ever

I give you… the doppelganger:

Let’s make a miniature of a creature that only appears in the shape-shifted guise of some other creature. Something that quite literally is never, ever seen in this form in the game. 
At least there’s a shot that the rakshasa (also a shape-shifter) could choose to appear in the form of a chunky humanoid with the head of an elephant:

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6 thoughts on “The most useless miniature ever

    1. The same as the rest of us. We bought a bunch of miniatures used 20 years ago, and found them sculking in with the lot.

    2. At a toy nd collectibles show during breakdown, I noticed a dealer with 2 boxes of grenadier he was asking 10 dollrs each for, I offered him 15 for both and he said for 20 I will throw in thse two boxes also,, so i waalked of with2 grendaier boxes and 2 dungeondwellers boxes packed with many extras it was a collectors dream. I think one doppleganger snuck in with that lot.

  1. Repurpose them as a tribe of subterranean mental powered repulsive post-humans worshipping an ancient and destructive artifact from the days of the Suel Imperium that even the current Scarlet Brotherhood disavows. They are poised to take over the world, or at least a good chunk of it, when they emerge from the darkness.

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