Metatopia schedule now up

The schedule of events for this year’s Metatopia convention in Morristown, NJ on November 6-9 is now up. For those who don’t know, Metatopia is a rather unique sort of convention that caters to game publishers and designers, and hooks up people looking to playtest new games with companies in need of playtesters. You tell them what sorts of games you’re interested in, and they put you in an appropriate playtest. I personally go for the panels and seminars; they’re invaluable to anyone interested in the game industry (and it’s not just RPGs; all sorts of games are represented).

Now that the schedule is up, here is what I’ll be doing, for those who might be interested:

D015: “Self-Publishing 101” presented by Joseph Bloch & Fred Hicks. It’s a terrifying prospect, taking that first step into the world of game publishing. You have already made a great decision to come to METATOPIA; two of our industry veterans will take your newbie questions here. Friday, 1:00PM – 2:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D019: “Planning Your Crowdfunding Campaign” presented by Joseph Bloch, Fred Hicks, Kevin Kulp & Joshua A. C. Newman. Successful Kickstarts (or campaigns on other platforms) don’t just “happen”. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in advance or behind the scenes to bring your plans to fruition. Friday, 3:00PM – 4:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

D033: “Print On Demand 101” presented by Joseph Bloch. A veteran designer of the Old School Revival gives you the basics on doing small print runs without losing your shirt. Friday, 11:00PM – 12:00AM; Serious, All Ages.

D060: “What is the OSR?” presented by Joseph Bloch. The Old School R… (OSR) has been something of an enigma for years, but its influence is keenly felt in the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Explore the history of the OSR, see just how many OSR games are out there, discuss the influence it has on the RPG industry, and figure out just what the heck people mean by “OSR”, including the real enigma… what does the “R” stand for? You’ll be surprised at the answer. Saturday, 5:00PM – 6:00PM; Serious, All Ages.

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