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Hi all.

Sorry that I’ve been relatively silent this past month or so. I’ve been distracted by a number of things, almost all non-game-related, including setting up an Asatru group here in northern NJ, (real-world) work stuff, and family in general. But I’ve not been completely idle on the gaming front. What time I’ve been able to devote to things gaming have been split between my online Celestial Imperium campaign (testing out a bunch of Oriental Adventures-type stuff for Adventures Dark and Deep) and this little thing…

I’m aiming for a summer release, but nothing’s official.

I promise I’ll try to start posting more regularly here. Just wanted to let folks know I’m still alive, and just distracted, but not completely so.

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2 thoughts on “Working on…

  1. This will go straight for sale. Not a lot of art on this one, so no need to raise funds in advance (as you can see, the cover is already done and paid for, so that's the big expense out of the way).

    I never like to go to the KS well if I don't have to.

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