White Star: Commerce Raider and Raider Tender

The massive shipyards of Astor and New Austin, the premier industrial worlds of the Athena Sector, have been turning out spacecraft of all types and descriptions for centuries, many of which find their way to every corner of civilized space (and beyond). Here are some of the most commonly-encountered examples, statted for the White Star game and designated as Open Game Content under the OGL.

Commerce Raider

Armor Class: 4 [15]
Hit Points: 20
Shield Strength: 2
Movement: 15
Targeting: +1
Attack: Laser Canon (4d6) [pilot-linked]
Modifications: Cloaking device

Commerce raiders are used by pirates and those worlds that employ letters of marque against enemy freighters. Designed to be taken into the shipping lanes by a raider tender and deployed to lurk in wait for an enemy freighter or convoy, they don’t have the punch of a stunt fighter but are quite adequate against lightly-armed and unescorted transport craft. When used in sizable numbers they can even overwhelm all but the largest escorted convoys.

Raider Tender

Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Points: 60
Shield Strength: 1
Movement: 9
Targeting: +0
Attack: Light Laser x4 (2d6), automated weapons
Modifications: FTL drive, can carry up to six fighters

Originally designed as a light fighter carrier, raider tenders were heavily used in the human-mr’rk’kog war. Since then, many have turned up in the inventories of petty despots and pirates, where they are used to ferry fighters used as fast-striking commerce raiders. Each requires a crew of twenty, plus pilots for the fighters.

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