Know any programs make maps that look like this?

An appeal to all my friends out there who do a lot of mapping. I’m looking for something very specific, and was hoping that someone out there might know of a cartography program that can make forest terrain that looks like this:

That’s a scan of one of the old SPI wargames from the 70’s, and I’m pretty sure they used the old Letraset rub-on transfers for their terrain, back in the days before computers, and this was a standard pattern used in cartography and architecture.

Anyone know of a modern program that will create the same sort of effect?

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14 thoughts on “Know any programs make maps that look like this?

  1. Just to clarify, programs that can replicate patterns aren't what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a mapping program that already has this particular pattern that I can use, because I don't have the pattern isolated in a way that lets me import it into other programs. So Hexographer and GIMP are out.

    But that link looks promising, Unknown. Might be able to bring that into Hexographer as a custom terrain object.

  2. There's a forum on reddit called /r/mapmaking. I suspect if anyone knows, they might. They tend to take their mapmaking very seriously. Sorry I can't link to it but am on my mobile and find it difficult to link to stuff.

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