Castle of the Mad Archmage – 50% off today only

Update: Thanks to everyone who participated in the sale! It set some records!

How’s this for a Black Friday deal?

The Castle of the Mad Archmage adventure book is 50% off, today only, in pdf format. That’s less than five bucks for more than thirteen levels of old-school megadungeon goodness, with thousands of rooms and encounters, new monsters, new magic items, and literally years of adventuring possibilities.

You’ll still need to buy the map book and illustration book separately, but this is about the best deal you’re going to find on something that will keep you and your players entertained for years.
You can find the deal here:

Thanks, and for all my American readers, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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  1. Joe, Although I have purchased your books. I had once the original mega dungeon project, I loved and cherished W13 in a way which is hard to describe. It was the most fun dungeon I ever ran. I would care for the file so may print it and have for my collection. Tragically a little spill ruined my parchment printed level one, along with some portions of the map. (I should have plasticized them, true) If you would see fit to send me this files I would be elated. I already own the BRW version which is like asking for the original cut whilst owning the film.

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