Project Oasis Now Available (updated)

I’m very pleased to announce that the latest BRW Games title, Project Oasis, is now available at

Project Oasis is a gonzo kitchen-sink post-apocalyptic campaign setting. It contains a complete overview of 30th century North America, including new creatures and equipment for both the Mutant Future™ and Apes Victorious™ games, more than a hundred adventure hooks, plus a giant poster map.

There are out-of-control artificial intelligences, mutant cyborg conspiracies, radioactive dinosaurs with cybernetic mounted energy weapons, clones, self-contained arcologies, high-tech enclaves working towards civilization (or conquest), and of course apes, all set in a post-Devastation landscape a thousand years in the future.

The guidebook is 36 pages and includes a huge full-color poster map of 30th century North America.

Buy it here!

Update: Someone asked for a sample page in the comments, because it’s not available on RPGNow. Here you go! (Click to embiggen)

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15 thoughts on “Project Oasis Now Available (updated)

  1. Maybe you can post some sample pages here on your blog? The preview function on OBS isn't working (I assume because you uploaded it as a .zip file)

  2. Any chance of this being sold as a printed product? (I realize the map may make this unlikely, but that's exactly what I'd be willing to pay for.)

  3. I put a lot of thought into that question, Michael. Unfortunately, at the moment, since the map is one of the principle elements, I didn't think it would be appropriate to sell the book in hard copy.

    Hopefully, RPGNow will expand their options to include poster maps at some point. They do keep expanding their range, so I'm going to guess it'll happen eventually.

    But for now, it's pdf only. (Although Staples can do a bang-up job printing that sort of thing, and they're not too too expensive. Permission granted to print for personal purposes only.)

  4. Hey Joe, I've posted a review on Adventures in Gaming.

    5 out of 5 stars. Excellent work!

    The only problem I've found is that the map lacks a scale… what scale are the hexes set to?

    Also, minor point, you have to "page 2"s in the PDF, I don't know how that happened???

    Thanks for providing such an awesome campaign setting!

  5. Awesome stuff. Are there still plans in the works to do a science fantasy supplement for Adventures Dark & Deep? This seems like a perfect inroads for such a thing

  6. Thanks, Tanner. Glad you liked it.

    This actually grew out of the planned science fantasy ADD supplement. While doing research for it, I decided that the Mutant Future rules had already covered most of the same ground I would have. So it turned into a supplement for that system, and morphed again when Apes Victorious was released not too long ago.

  7. I don't know how much time I would have between work and personal projects, but how would you feel about someone doing a conversion of MF/AV to ADD?

  8. After grabbing the thing and reading it, I think a supplement would be a bit redundant. However, question for you: if you wanted to play an ape in MF for this setting, would the best approach just to do a mutant animal PC?

  9. In the back of Apes Victorious there are conversion tables for some of the mechanics. I'd just do it as a new race, honestly. Might be worth taking the time to do a more in-depth conversion.

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