Slügs in the Castle of the Mad Archmage

So I downloaded James Raggi’s latest dealybob over at RPGNow, which is a pay-what-you-want version of his Free RPG Day offering. It’s called Slügs! and it’s just what it says on the tin; a mini-supplement with a bunch of variant giant slugs in it.

First of all, buy it. Buy it now. It’s great, and hilarious, and useful. It’s worth a buck or two for the brilliantly passive-aggressive introduction, even if you never use a giant slug in your game.

But more to the point, it made me realize there is only a single giant slug encounter in the entirety of my own Castle of the Mad Archmage. Just one. And even that’s just on the random encounter table on level eight.

Consider this a free (and very optional) supplement to Castle of the Mad Archmage to correct that oversight.

General Note

When playing on December 25, all slug encounters are changed to a Christmas Slüg (37 h.p.). No exceptions.*

When playing from 4:00 AM – 11:59 AM (local time), all slüg encounters are changed to a Breakfast Slüg (52 h.p.) 40% of the time plus 5% per hour closer to noon. As there is no such thing as a Brunch Slüg, and the concept is clearly beyond the boundaries of any reality that might realistically harbor a labyrinthine maze inhabited by monsters, filled with treasure, and ruled by an insane wizard, once noon rolls around all slug encounters are back to normal.

Level Seven: The Crypts

A roll of 5 on the random encounter table indicates Slügatron (38 h.p.). He is on the level trying to discover the location of the Clockwork Crypt, thinking that the mechanical man Tok-Tok might be allied with Slügatron’s nefarious robot enemies from a distant star (it’s up to the GM to determine whether or not that is true). If the PCs befriend him and agree to help him find that specific crypt, he will join them.

Level Eight: The Lesser Caves

A roll of 4 on the random encounter table indicates an Acid Slüg 50% of the time, rather than an ordinary giant slug.

67. This cave is now home to a Glass Slüg (h.p. 45).

Level Nine: The Greater Caves

28. A Love Slüg is nestled in the northwest alcove in this room, soaking up the radiation from the temple of the goddess of love and beauty. If the proper ritual is enacted on the altar (as described in the text), the Love Slüg will “pleasure” the character who performed the ritual. If more than one character was involved, the slüg will choose one at random.

Level Ten: The Lesser Caverns

13. A pair of Ocular Slügs dwell here now (h.p. 28, 25).

Level Eleven: The Greater Caverns

A roll of 5 on the random encounter table indicates the Swiss Army Slüg from area #47, when rolled outside the fungus forest.

47. This cave is now home to a Swiss Army Slüg (h.p. 70). Replace the reference to the Catholic Church in the monster description to the Church of Saint Cuthbald.

Level Twelve: The Catacombs

2. The purple worm in this room is replaced by a pair of Rock Slügs (h.p. 56. 59). The treasure remains as described in the original text.

Appendix D: Special Random Encounters

On a roll of 1, the PCs encounter the Mentallo Slüg, who is on a mission to try to find the Mad Archmage to try to warn him of the impending invasion of the world by a horde of mechanical alien ladybugs from a distant star (they hitched a ride unnoticed on Slügatron, so if the two ever encounter one another, the Mentallo Slüg will be decidedly unfriendly).


* You’re lucky I didn’t change all encounters to Christmas Slügs.

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  1. I got a copy of Slugs at Gencon for free for buying a Red and Pleasant Land. While I have yet to use those books they are indeed amazing to read.

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